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Piece belts wholesale and retail

SKU : 24279

Beaded on a net basis. Packaged – 12 pc., 44/5cm

97,20 $ / package
SKU : 22426

Beaded on a net basis. Packaged – 12 pc., 36/12cm

13,50 $ / pc.
SKU : 22830

Beaded on a net basis. Packaged – 12 pc., 17/6cm

32,40 $ / package
SKU : 22600

Beaded on a net basis. Packaged – 12 pc., 38/10cm

54,00 $ / package
SKU : 22600-1

Beaded on a net basis. Packaged – 12 pc., 38/11cm

56,70 $ / package
SKU : AM2460900101

Beaded and paillettes on a net basis. Packaged – 12 pc., W-23 H-6

97,20 $ / package
SKU : AM2461100101

Beaded on a net basis. Packaged – 12 pc., W-34 H-3

129,60 $ / package
SKU : AM1138600401-P
16,20 $ / m

False sashes wholesale and retail for original wedding dresses

        Every designer knows that the belt can compliment with a wealth of any wedding dress. It makes possible to make a luxurious model from the simplest style. Every woman felt the power of accessories in her life and the belt is a full accessory

        The purpose of the wedding sash – to turn simple into an original, elegant and stylish

        Wedding sash is an accessory of stylish brides

        The company "Diadema" offers false sashes wholesale and retail. Each product in the range is amazing with its luxurious look. Here you can buy belts for a wedding dress embroidered with beads and paillettes. They are pleased with the ingenuity of forms and the stylistics of patterns.

        Thin and broad, contrasting and in tune to the wedding dress, richly embroidered and modestly decorated - the choice is yours! Our job is to offer as many models as possible so that everyone can find their ideal product.

        Do not forget that you can buy wedding belts wholesale in Moscow, in our store, which works in the market "Sadovod", in the shopping center "Salute". Others will always be happy to use the online store "Diadema". Fast delivery to all CIS cities. The prices for false belts for wedding dresses on our website will certainly please you.

        Wedding sashes in bulk for all styles of dresses

        Belt will look harmonious on all styles of wedding dresses:

  • royal

  • lush

  • A-line

  • direct

  • mermaid

  • in the Greek style

  • short.

        In addition, the belt can be used for decorating wedding overalls.

        This list perfectly shows how versatile the wedding sashes are. They can decorate any outfit, the main thing is to think through all the details of the wedding dress. It is important that one element of the decor does not hide the beauty of the other so that all the details harmoniously merge into one dress.

        Thin waist and emphasis on femininity

        The company "Diadema" offers to buy wedding sashes in bulk at an inexpensive price, and you will receive not only a magnificent accessory for a wedding dress. In addition to the function of decoration, the wedding sash has a number of other very important functions:

        makes the waist thin

        accentuates the femininity of the bride

        can turn even a problematic figure into a more attractive one.

        The use of a belt is an excellent option to demonstrate its amazing taste in the selection of accessories.